A Simple Solace


How do you title an instrumental?

Dudley, my 13-year old Golden Retriever was in his last days, at the same time as I was very ill.  So I dragged his bed over next to the couch.  We were miserable together, but at least we were together.  I had just completed this piece, and was playing it over and over to perfect it.  I noticed that Dudley seemed more comfortable while I was playing it.  So I played it more.

On the day we said goodbye, I returned home, and began playing the piece again. I found it eased my heartache - a little.  I thought of the old Scott Joplin song, A Solace, and decided to borrow the title.  On my first album, I had an instrumental called "A Simple Embrace", so I decided to use the "Simple" theme on this and future albums, I hope. 

So this is "A Simple Solace".  For my Dudley.

© 2020 by Wayne Willingham

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