I can still recall - when first I met Eliza

Lean and young and tall, eyes of summer sky

I would guess that all ... the guys fell for Eliza

And if truth be told, maybe so did I.


I can still recall - when I first sang with Eliza

At a place we all - came to share our favorite songs

I took up the lead, while she soared ever higher

When our two voices blend, perfect harmony is born.




We sang our songs again, we became the best of friends

And lovers, much the way that artists do.

I remember when . . . we swore it'd never end,

But Eliza knew . . .


I can still recall - when I heard about Eliza.

It's nobody's fault - these things happen time to time.

I just wish you all - could have known my sweet Eliza.

How part of me is her, and a part of her is mine.

Eliza . . . Eli . . . za . . .

True story of perhaps the most significant relationhip of my life.  I'll answer the most common questions:

  • Eliza was real, though that was not her name.

  • Eyes blue as robin's egg on Easter morning.

  • Reaction to medication.

Here's another case where the artist has an idea, next to impossible to fulfill.  I knew that I wanted a fife or penny whistle on this song.  We found our player, but it was Cliff Stegall's engineering genius that made it work.

© 2020 by Wayne Willingham

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