Fall in Love Too Fast

Drifted off about dawn again.

Waking up all alone again.

Up all night, wonder what I could have done.

I ran off another one

Just like the other one

Don't know where, I only know she's gone

Really gone.


Nothing to dwell upon

There's no telling what went wrong

Guess I fell in love too fast,

Stayed in love too long


Starting in on another day

Force a smile and be on my way

'cause I'm the kind that people can depend upon

Long day is a busy time

So much to occupy my mind

To keep me from the questions I ponder on.


I'm starting to believe that I'm . . .

. . . running out of next times

Waiting for the one to come along . . .


Nothing to dwell upon

She's not telling what went wrong

She just fell in love too fast,

or stayed in love too long


Still hoping when the night comes . . .

 . . . I stop thinking and my mind numbs

I can close my eyes before the dawn . . .


Nothing to dwell upon

It's enough to just carry on . . .

When you fall in love too fast,

And stay in love too long


Fall in love too fast,

Stay in love too long

Ah, the sleepless night.  Questioning how you ended up here (again), and if there's any chance for future happiness. 


My favorite line in this song is "I'm the kind that people can depend upon."  There are people - like me - that NEVER want our personal troubles to affect those who depend on us, at work or anywhere else.

The album title comes from this song - in bold.

© 2020 by Wayne Willingham

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