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MASS - Mulligans and Swan Songs

This playlist is always changing/evolving.

Version dates are shown for each song.


"Mulligans and Swan Songsis the working title for Wayne's next album.  This is an ambitious project, with over a dozen brand-new songs, and a few previously-released songs, re-imagined and produced anew (not just remixes). The target release date is Wayne's birthday (September 10), with a few single song releases along the way.


If you're seeing this page, you were invited, and thanks for checking it out.  These are candidate songs, often in very raw form. As we progress, new songs will appear and new versions will replace older ones, as we slowly define and refine toward a complete album.


WHAT WE'RE LOOKING FOR: Observations/assessments on the song itself, and its potential.

  • Lyric quality, prosody

  • Melody, musical quality

  • Overall impression - what you like best or least about the song

  • Maybe a 1-10 score on if a song should be included or not, where one means DON'T BOTHER and ten means ABSOLUTELY.

  • How does the play sequence feel to you?  Do the songs flow well and vary from song to song?


Please assess as many or few songs as you like - no pressure, and much appreciated. Listen once or a dozen times - your call.


WHAT WE'RE NOT LOOKING FOR: Please, no technical  comments or critiques on the recordings or performances. These are just simple "work demos" recorded at home in mostly one take, and I'm no engineer.  There's a lot of exploration and experimentation, too. This is just to get the feel -little more than a phone recording. All will be re-recorded from scratch - in a REAL studio.

Lyric PDFs are available here


If you have comments to offer, click here to email.

Remember: these are just demo recordings - so far


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