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M.A.S.S. - Mulligans and Swan Songs

"Mulligans and Swan Songs"  is the working title for Wayne's next album.  This is an ambitious project, expecting 6 to 10 brand new songs, and six previously-released songs, re-imagined and produced anew (not just remixes). There is no specific timetable - yet, and certainly no release date.  


If you're seeing this page, you were invited, and thanks for checking it out.  These are candidate songs, often in very raw form.  As we progress, new songs will appear and new versions will replace older ones, as we slowly define and refine toward a complete album.



May 17 2023: Up to nine songs, adding "Who Gets the Love", which kind of snuck up on us.  The lyrics my still evolve, but not much beyond that. For the entire project, we're considering instrumentation and contributing artists, and the overall motif.

We initially expect to hit the studio in June.

April 2 2023: Eight songs now - the newest is a working title 'Broken Souls', with no lyric.  This is very early in the process. Wayne usually starts with the music; in this case a really nice guitar lick to build a song around.  And near-perfect length.  

March 17 2023: We're up to SEVEN songs.  One new one is musically complete, though not lyrically - that's Wayne's norm. We're generally satisfied with the progress to date.  There is no specific deadline, but we're on schedule.  Go figure.

January 12 2023: Wayne is still very much in 'composition mode', with only about five songs at or near completion. We have not even begun production.  The songs listed are simple recordings done at home, just to get the feel, demo and determine run times.

This playlist is always changing/evolving.

Version dates are shown for each song.

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