Songwriter's Circle

Wayne is hosting a Songwriter's Circle on the fourth Tuesday of the month, 7 to 9 PM.

This is for songwriters to share their work with other songwriters and to offer input t each other.

Tuesday July 23 is our FIRST, so we're hoping for a nice turnout. Any songwriter can attend, from a first-timer to a seasoned veteran.  

Space is limited! RSVP to 

Pizza Bar None

609 S. Jennings Ave. (at Pennsylvania on Fort Worth's south side)

Fort Worth TX 76209

Food is available for purchase, as are wine, beer and soft drinks.

Observers are invited, but the discussion stays within the participants


  • Reserve your spot NOW - email .

  • We will cap the circle at 8 to 10 players. After those confirmed by email, first come, first served.

  • If you're late, your slot may be filled.

  • If you may attend, sorry - no 'tentative' slots.

  • If you know you have to cancel, let Wayne know so he can recruit another.

  • In the two hours we have, we should be able to get at least twice around this circle - 2  songs.

  • We're considering how we can accommodate more, such as a second circle on the patio.

Songwriter's Circle Guidelines


This isn't a 'show', but a workshop to assist and support each other. Most likely, any song you're offering is one you're still willing to change. Each songwriter in turn:

  • On the first round, briefly introduce yourself - 30 seconds or so.

  • Introduce your song - again, briefly.

  • Tell us what kind of input you're hoping for (lyric help, chords, etc.)

  • What are you goals for the song?  It could simply be to play for their spouse, or to sell it to Taylor Swift.

  • Play your original song. Original means that you are at least one of the co-writers.

  • The song can be completed, almost done, and a work in progress is encouraged.

  • Lyric sheets are nice, but not required.

  • No songwriter is expected to be a great performer - the SONG is the thing here.


The evaluators agree to:

  • Listen courteously and attentively.  If you want to talk, please excuse yourself from the circle.

  • Keep it POSITIVE - we're here to help each other. If you just say "it sucks", you'll be invited to leave.

  • For every critique, at least two positives.

  • If you offer a criticism, you need to offer a path towards a solution.

  • EVERYONE agrees to keep it positive and civil.  Don't be too critical or thin-skinned.  We're here to help each other.

  • Please note that this is straight acoustic - no mics or PA.  It's NOT an open mic.

  • Observers are invited, but input and discussion is primarily within the participants.

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