The Family

A musician's instruments are his best friends.  I tend to go more for nice blends and textures over hot licks, but with these axes, all options are open!  Allow me to introduce my family.


  • T - Taylor 714 CE (Babe) My birthday present to myself in 2016.  Coughing up that kind of cash told me I was serious about returning to music. 

  • E - Epiphone J200 Nashville tuning (Emmy) Nashville tuning is like the high octave strings on a 12-string.  The sound is like chimes, but the jumbo body gives it warm resonance as well.

  • R - Takamine 1988 Limited Edition (Little Red) Bought this in 1992 or so.  Smaller body and arched top & back give it a softer, jazzy tone.  The sweetest-playing acoustic guitar on the planet.  There is a line of people making offers - not for sale. Ever.

  • P - Takamine 1993 Standard 12 string (Poncho) Not the fanciest, but excellent woods and fine craftsmanship make this a great playing and sounding guitar.  It was a real workhorse before my retirement in 1996. It has an easier time of it now, but it always delivers.

  • F - Fender 2014 60th Anniversary Stratocaster (Buddy) Bought it as a collector's piece, with all the tags still attached.  Almost no modifications - didn't need them.  My first Fender guitar since 1974.

  • C - Cordoba Gypsy King Studio Flamenco (Eliza) I was shopping for an inexpensive Classical (nylon string), and had all but settled on a used Yamaha.  This guitar was hanging right next to it.  Love at first strum.


My only amplifier is a 1981 Fender Princeton Reverb (1965 reissue).  It's totally restored and only slightly enhanced, for reliability and tone quality, not volume.  I'll play Buddy through it, and sometimes Little Red.