Tom . . . Was the kind of guy to have friends all over town,

Tom . . . Knew when to step up, and he wouldn't back down

If his cause was right, he could stand and fight,

Then he'd rock out all night . . .


But that was Tom . . .  born a rebel who always knew what he wanted to be

Tom . . . To a regular guy, an American girl or a refugee

He treated all the same

It wasn't money or fame

You'd be proud to claim

To ever find a friend like Tom.



His free-falling guitar

Stories to break your heart

And the waiting that day was the hardest part


Tom . . . had a way with his words, and he knew what a song was for.

Tom . . . from Gainesville to Century City, to the Malibu shore.

And even though he’s gone, 

He left us all of his songs. 

And guys like Tom don’t come around here no more


Even though he’s gone, 

His music plays on. 

Guys like Tom won’t come around here no more

Guys like Tom won’t come around here no more

A tribute to a musical hero, Tom Petty..

© 2020 by Wayne Willingham

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