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You're seeing this page because you were INVITED.  We wanted to reach out to the fine people that decide who performs at their venues.  The bookers - that's you. We know that you have to make some tough decisions, and wish that you could say yes a lot more than you do. We'll just lay this out, and you can get back to your already busy day.

Wayne Willingham is a Singer/Songwriter based in Fort Worth TX, and looking to cross the USA this year, performing in coffeehouses, listening rooms and house concerts. Wayne had already done it all in music, retired, then returned a couple years ago - this time just for fun.

Wayne's  style may best be described as Acoustic Pop or Modern Folk - think XM's Coffeehouse. He has released two albums in the last two years, and another is in the works.  Check out the website and bio here. You'll also find links to the latest compositions, the schedule and the EPK.  Now for the standard questions:

Does Wayne have a draw in your area?  Heck no.  Wayne's just getting started again in live performance.  If that's your primary criteria, we probably aren't a good match - it's OK.  On the other hand, many venues have booked Wayne on faith, and all have booked him AGAIN.  Check the Reviews page on the website.

How will Wayne promote his appearance?  Facebook ads help a little. Local media that's friendly to live music, we can reach out with press releases and promotional materials. We'll offer to interview, perform on-air, or even make local appearances as schedules permit. We can provide posters. Lastly, your suggestions REALLY help - you know your market.  

Know this: Wayne has dedicated this year to performing all over the USA. Partially to get his name out and re-establish himself, but also to meet new people, visit new places, and make new memories. It's not for the money, and in fact, he expects to lose money this year.  Wayne is a compelling live performer with great stage presence, excellent original songs, and stellar vocal & guitar skills. You WILL get a top-notch performance.

Quite simply, this year is less about making money and more about making new friends all over the country. There are so many great venues to play, from the most humble house concerts to listening rooms to theaters and festivals.  What a great life!

Finally, should Wayne have an appearance near you, you are invited as his guest - no covers, no admissions, no obligations.  It's a small thing, but we appreciate those who do the booking.

More details below. Please read on, and thanks for your time!!

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For your consideration:

  • Intimate settings (coffeehouse, house concert, listening room) are preferred.

  • The goal is to perform in meaningful venues for people to hear and buy Wayne's music.

  • Stage sharing ‘song swap’ formats can be fun, or billing as a warmup or feature act.

  • Sound provided, house systems are fine, and plain acoustic is amazing.

  • When appropriate, the show can be up to 20% cover songs. (Wayne picks 'em!)

  • Lots more info in the Electronic Press Kit:


. . . and here are those album links:

Stayed in Love Too Long by Wayne Willingham
YOYO by Wayne Willingham
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