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Wayne 101 - a Primer

Wayne asked fans and friends to suggest some songs from his first four albums to introduce a new listener to his music.

Here they are in a Spotify Playlist 

(non-Spotify list below)

I've Got Your Back This was the first song we ever recorded.  I knew a lady - a tennis mom - whose husband could never quite get it together, and ultimately walked out. She'd met every challenge - alone, and she deserved better.

Cup of Coffee Envision a couple, having met online, finally meeting in person for the first time.  Two people that haven't given up on love,

My Turn Part funny, part heartbreak song about covering for addiction. I set out to write a song that was like an episode of Cops. In some ways, I did.

One Day I was driving to Baltimore in 2019.  I shut off all the music and just savored the quiet.  I started thumping on my console, and just sang the first couple lines.  I felt I had something, so I recited the lyrics into my iPad. 

Long Day The guitar you hear, I named "Little Red".  A 1988 Limited Edition Takamine, only 400 in the world, and she's FAMILY.  I always wanted to write an ode to this guitar - my best, and sometimes only friend.

Portland  I was performing at Cafe Artichoke in May 2019.  Before the show, I heard a mashup of two conversations; "Portland" in the left ear, and "the pouring rain" in the right.  The phrase stayed with me the whole drive home.

Jennifer "She's in love, it don't matter anyway."  Pardon the grammar, but it's a true-ism. We've all seen women fall head over heels for the "bad boy" type, even if they claim to be looking for a nice guy. It rarely ends well.

All That Matters Prompted by the August 2019, shootings in El Paso.

Rise and Shine  In 2018, with my heart pumping at 10%, I was wearing a defibrillator vest .  Each morning as I looked out the window, I'd say out loud, “Rise and Shine, dude!”  A celebration that I'd been given ONE MORE DAY.

Human Anyone that knows me can tell you that I love dogs more than most people.  I've had many "best friends", and the hardest part is saying goodbye. 

Heart to Heart  Valentines weekend 2020 (pre-pandemic), I played a cool wine bistro in McKinney TX, right off the town square.  I found myself watching one couple after another.  I was solo on a night for couples - but not in a bad way. 

All That I Am This is a wedding vow.  If I may say so, this is possibly my career-best vocal performance, underscored by Brent Brunson's incredible grand piano accompaniment.

Non-Spotify Playlist

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